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Restored the Front Brakes - January 6 & 7, 2007

  • I removed the front wheel assemblies and cleaned up the drum surface. 

  • I used my AMMCO 1750 brake gauge to check the setup on the original brake pads.
  • The drum size is 11 inches and the drum check as 40 thousands oversized.  This is actual a good indicator that the drums are in pretty good shape.
  • The plan here is a quality repair to restore good brakes and not a full refurbishment.
  • I cleaned up the old shoes and support area and installed a new brake cylinder and return spring.
  • I readjusted the shoes utilizing the AMMCO brake tool.

  • The new Wagner Lockheed brake unions worked out great.  Replacing all three along with new hoses.

  • The old cylinder hose union connectors were cross threaded with the remainder of some type of hose connector. 
  • I cleaned up the old cylinder union joint with a 11/16-16 TPI Bottom Tap to ensure a good thread right down to the brass flat.
  • Wrapped all connections with Teflon Tape to ensure no leaks.