My 1929 Plymouth Model U

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1929 - Model U - First day home - 10/18/2006

I purchased this car in Crawford Florida on October 16th, 2006.   I trailered her back to Virginia and titled her on 10/18/2006.    The Manufacturing Serial Number plate points to the Detroit Production Plant RY882W.  I have what appears to be the Original Plymouth Instruction Book and the car serial number penciled in is RY882W.  Based on the low serial & motor number U21xxx my assumption is that it has its original motor and it appears that this car was manufactured in the first quarter of 29 on or about the 9th. month of the first 12 months of Chrysler Plymouth production at the Detroit plant. 

Fedco Serial Number Code RY882W equates to 458,820  

First half of the model RR120P to RD999D or 441,201 to 499,999. 

Second half of the model Y000WP to Y403EP or 500,001 to 540,381.  

Total 1929 Detroit production = 58,798 + 40,380 = 99,178

The story goes that the car was always garage kept and the owner prior to the person I purchased the car from had it painted.  Other then that it appears to be about 90% original and remarkably rust free.  The vacuum fuel delivery system was replaced with an electric fuel pump.  The radiator was also replaced.  The rest of the car needs some mechanical TLC to get her road worthy.  Runs drives but doesn't stop.   Definitely needs a complete brake job.   Since I can't leave anything as is.., she will most likely get a drive train teardown and rebuild to make her ready for her 80th birthday.

The Model Q and the Model U were close in design and construction and are easily mistaken.  The only basic differences were the Motor, Bumpers, and the Wheel Caps.  Another distinguishing feature was the radiator emblem which is missing from this car. 

Update 11/5/2006....  The owner sent me a box of parts he found lying around which included the radiator emblem.   The emblem is from the 28 production run.  Model Q.  For the 29 version the emblem only said Plymouth.  I am not sure when this 29 emblem was cut into production.  It would make sense for that time that they would have used up all stock before changing.  Since the Model Q was manufactured through Jan & February of 29 along with the 29 Model U.., I believe this helps reinforce the theory that this car was manufactured in the first quarter of 29 rather then the second quarter of that year.  A scan of the emblem is depicted in the upper corner of this web site's home page.  The car came titled as a 28th.

Special Thanks to Tod Fitch Plymouth: The first Decade for help deciphering early manufacturing data.