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Heading Home 10/16/2006

I purchased this car in Crawford Florida on October 16th, 2006.   I trailered her back to Virginia and titled her on 10/18/2006.    The Manufacturing Serial Number plate points to the US Detroit Production Plant.  

Based on the low serial & motor number my assumption is that it has its original motor and it appears that this car was manufactured at the Detroit plant in the first quarter of 1929 on or about the 9th. month of the first 12 months of Chrysler Plymouth production . 


Welcome to my 1929 Plymouth Website!

 This website was created to share my restoration and maintenance activities with anyone interested in a first decade Plymouth automobile.   The car is a 1929 Model U built in the first quarter of 1929.   The car was incorrectly titled in Florida as a 1928 but is in fact a 1929 Model U.  The serial number is badly deteriorated at the top so the second letter is a guess.   RY882W.   The motor is Model U.

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