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Saturday March 3, 2007

After the test drive in February it was clear that I had drive train issues and the transmission was skipping a tooth in first gear.   Well the weather was reasonable so I set out to resolve the problem today.

  • The first step was to remove the transmission.
  • I will probably clean up this area and add a little paint since you never know who will be looking under the floorboards.
  • In this case the term floor boards is accurate since the floor is wood.

  • As expected there was a tooth missing.

  • The good news is that I picked up another transmission on eBay and the gears were all fine.  So things are looking up.

  • The clutch and pressure plate are OK and the throw out bearing was also in good shape.


  • I cleaned up the transmission that I purchased on eBay in the parts washer and painted it.  Every thing looks good.  The gears are all intact and the wear is reasonable for a 78 year old transmission.  These transmissions are very simple and I will rebuild the original one if I can get a NOS transition gear.