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Headlamp Repair - August 14, 2010

My headlamps haven't worked properly since I purchased the car.   All it took was a few parts and a day’s work.   The main problems were a short, deteriorated wiring, and faulty socket connections.  I had rewired the lighting system and installed a fuse block but the fuse for the headlamps blows whenever I drive the car.  So something is shorting out from the vibrations caused from driving.  All that's left is the sockets.

  • I purchased two headlamp socket sets for a 1928-31 Ford.  Although the rear headlamp assembly plug is slightly different then the original hardware, if you change the rear incoming wire connector you can use the complete set.   For my application I just needed new headlamp sockets.
  • After I disassembled the headlamps the light reflectors were in poor shape.  I sprayed the reflector cones with chrome paint to help provide a brighter light.
  • I installed the new lamp sockets and put shrink rap around any wiring that appeared frayed.  The result was excellent.