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Saturday October 12, 2013

Well I decided to clean out the parts washer which I haven't used in a couple of years. The parts washer was basically being used as a surface area to collect more useless garbage. I found the pieces of two RT08 Carburetors which I picked up a couple of years ago and left them in the parts washer to soak.

I spent Saturday trying to get enough of parts from both to make one. OK also found an old chrome oil cap.

Getting the pieces apart without damaging the pot metal and the venturi tube required many passes in the ultrasonic wash and then a little nurturing with penetrating oil. Not to leave out a couple of years soaking in the parts washer.!!!

Some parts were sacrificed to retain others but I was very lucky and the end result produced enough good parts and a good casting to make one RT08 carb. Whether it will work well or not remains to be seen. I think I may have a good chance for success. BTW I do have the full factory Carter assembly & adjustment document and will post it in the tech area once I find it.

I have basically seen the main casting painted black and maybe use that simulated carburetor finish paint on the butterfly top section. I don't have an acceleration pump but these carbs work fine without the additional pump. I know somebody manufactures the long one in Brass but here again very expensive.