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The Suspension Continued.

I continued the work of cleaning and checking the front suspension components.  I spent an entire day working on the Drag Link steering arm.  The crusted grease and road gravel collected over the past 8 decades was not easy to remove.  I worked slowly with a small wood chisel to scrap the accumulated crust off the Drag Link arm.

It took a considerable amount of time before things started to look like something that could be disassembled.

As you can see below, persistence always pays off.  The most impressive thing to me was the condition of the tightly bound component parts.  I am sure that this Drag Link has not been disassembled since the manufacture of the car but the component parts were in reasonable shape for the age of this automobile.  I believe when I assemble these parts they should be good for another 80+ years.


Since the steering arms cleaned up so nicely I will removing the entire steering assembly to clean and inspect for wear or damage. 

Spring Bumpers from "Then & Now Automotive"
Plymouth Part# 43281

Below is the New Spring I received from Eaton Detroit Spring.  Hopefully they will work as good as they look.

OLD Spring:

NEW Spring: