My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

          Current Work

 Front Suspension Reassembly Continued.

On this rainy January 3rd. I installed the new passenger side front leaf spring, reassembled the tie rod ends, and installed and aligned the front spindles as well as I could without the drums and wheels.


I also dropped off the front brake mounting plates and the gravel guards from the engine compartment, at my local Napa machine shop to be hot tank and clean before paint and reassembly.  I have new front brake pads ready for installation.

On January 7, I picked up my parts from the machine shop an with the aid of two electric heaters and one propane heater I was able to warm my work shed enough to paint these parts.   Allowing them to sit out in the air after cleaning would just invite rust.   As it was I had to lightly buff them prior to painting.

Wednesday January 11.   I installed the brake support plates, brake cylinders, and pads.  As usual everything should be straight forward but I did run across a question.  My driver's side Dust Shield (Item 10 in the drawing) was on the outside of the brake support plate and the passenger side Dust Shield was positioned on the inner side of the brake support plate.  Just so we are on the same page see the diagram below.  (Item 10)

I assume that this dust shield allows grease and grime from the rear bearing to be collected and expelled out the back of the brake support plate.  The picture from the Plymouth Instruction Booklet for 1929 shows the Dust Shield behind the Brake Support Plate.  This is the way I installed these on both wheels.   See photo below: