My 1929 Plymouth Model U

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Roof Frame Continued (Passenger side)

I moved on to the Passenger side roof frame.  Since I have already completed most of the wood creation I needed to permanently glue the roof sections together.  Both the passenger and driver's side roof frames are made from 8 sections of wood. 

The work pictured above was accomplished over a two day period.  I constructed the rear window frame sections and glued them into place.  Once this was accomplished I glued the top long wood member into place.  This is the piece of wood that was created from the driver's side template.  Also I created this bent wood section over multiple days of wetting and drying the wood while clamping the section into the needed arc.  Everything installed as planned with no major issues. 

I routed the section and rough sanded and shaped the piece.  I created the end section of the frame and secured it into place.  I added some wood filler to some minor imperfections and will then sand to the final shape once everything is dry. 

Below are the results of my work: