My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

          Current Work

Winter Work / Odds & Ends

The weather especially the cold weather has forced me from the garage but I am trying to continue to make progress even though my hands on time has been greatly impacted.

What's in the works currently:

  1. Motor is being rebuilt by J&M Machine.

  2. Original Starter and Generator were rebuilt by Don Allen in Florence, Oregon.


  1. I sent my RT08 carburetor parts to a gentlemen in Virginia who is rebuilding the carb and adding a new brass accelerator pump.  Pricy but I believe it will be worth it.., especially for adhering to originality.

  1. I have also been able to clean up and restore all firewall parts (Example - Fuel pump, Tags, etc).  I have spent time ordering hardware such as 1/4 20 square nuts along with the appropriate slotted screws for the firewall and other areas.  ( Trying to locate all incidental parts, like rubber grommets.

  1. I have received the wiring harness but I need to install the bottom metal dash support brackets before I can start installing any of the new wiring.   Sometimes this little stuff just eats away at your time.  I will find the time to finish up these details as the weather permits.