My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

Rich Rodgers 1929 Model U Coupe                  Herman, Missouri

A little history on my car as a point of interest.  I am only the third owner and the second owner never drove it.  It was sold new close by here in Herman, Missouri and the original owner put the 23K miles it has on it in that town.  Then took it back to the local dealership and traded it in on a new Plymouth.  The dealer put it in storage on blocks and had the mechanics start it now and then.  When the dealership closed, he went into business as a gas station owner, and when the time came to retire he had an estate auction.  Guess who was there? 

My family and I had a ball that day and came home with this piece of history.  Can you believe they had it on the bill of sale as a "2 Door Plymouth"?  Did not mention COUPE at all.  I am a believer in sometimes things are just meant to be.  Probably like you I have this problem they call 'Historic Car sickness'