My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

October 20, 2007

Melissa and I struck out on a 38 mile drive through the back roads between Sterling and Leesburg Virginia.  It is October 20, 2007 but it felt like October 20, 1929.  Who would have known that in just one more week the worst financial disaster of the time would be upon us.

On Thursday October 24,1929 a record 12.9 million shares traded and the ticker tape fell behind one and a half hours. On Black Tuesday October 29,1929, a new record of 16.4 million shares were traded and the ticker tape fell behind by two and a half hours! On Monday, the stock market suffered a record one-day loss of around 13 percent. On Black Tuesday, the market suffered another loss of about 12 percent.  The Great Depression was upon us. 


But for today it was nothing but Blue Skies.  Melissa & I felt like Bonnie & Clyde out for an afternoon ride.  Who could have known what was about to happen which would send us into a life of crime.   The good news was that we turned back onto paved road and alas back to 2007.

 What a Day with Melissa and the Way-Back-Machine.