My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

2007 Sully Plantation Car Show

Sponsored by MAFCA

The show was sponsored by the George Washington Chapter of the Modal A Ford Club of America.  And yes there were plenty of Model A Fords.  Actually about 5 rows of Model A Fords, probably over 50.   Even though there were 4 classes for just A Fords and 9 other Ford classes.   I was placed in a Class 22 called "Other vehicles thru 1931"

  • The Ford folks seemed to really enjoy seeing other cars besides the Model A's & T's.
  • Our Class was given a position of honor amongst what seemed to be a Ford Used Car lot circa. 1934.  We were located in a shady spot and placed perpendicular to the rows of Model A Fords.
  • They put my Plymouth right behind this beautiful 1909 Buick pictured on the left.

  • The old Plymouth was looking pretty spiffy and was certainly in good company.
  • Many of the folks who passed by uttered words like Oh!! Wow a Plymouth.   I had posted a sign on the side window that mentioned some of the car's stock features like Hydraulic Brakes.
  • Of course it didn't have Air Bags but it came equipped with two Old Bags.

  • I have to admit there were some interesting old  T's like this 1919 pictured on the left.  I believe this car was last years 2006 Sully Staff Award.

  • Most folks felt very protective of their cars but one older gentlemen who had a nice 29 Model A .., which is definitely used quite a lot, made a point to let people get behind the wheel and take pictures if they wanted. 
  • Every young person that went by he put them behind the wheel and explained how to drive this old car. 
  • He was having a great time and was definitely helping to create the next generation of collectors.  I am sure that a couple of those kids walked away thinking " When I grow up I want to have a car just like that one. "  Well when I grow Up I want to be just like that Guy,  he may not win any car show awards but as far as I am concerned he did more for the hobby that day then most.

There were 6 fields of cars which encompassed everything from foreign sports cars to stock 60's muscle cars.

  • Ran into my Friend Rodney who took a trophy for his 1941 Studebaker.

Note:  Jim Yergin you have to get your Woody finished by next years show.  We need more Plymouths in attendance.

All in all a Great Fathers Day

 Accompanied by my Wife Melissa, with daughters Melanie on the left and Carrie on the right.

 My son-in-law Chris took the picture...