My 1929 Plymouth Model U

Chet's Old Plymouths

Changes & reconstruction

The purpose of the changes below is to add practical functionality to the electrical system with little impact to the original electrical design.   The alternator I am using is designed as a replacement for the Model T Ford generator.  It is designed for low rpm operation and will maintain the battery even at ideal speed.          

  • Item 45 will be changed from a generator to a 6 vdc positive ground high output single wire alternator. 

  • Existing worn and frayed wires will be replaced with 30amp #10 or 20 amp # 12 copper stranded.

  • Wire # 21 replaced with 60 amp # 6 copper stranded.

  • In line fuse installed for lighting ckts & ignition fuse item 31 will be updated.

  • Install a 6vdc + ground to 12 vdc negative ground 7.5 amp converter.  This converter will be wired through the ignition switch.

  • Reinstall the electric fuel pump.

  • Install front & rear marker lights with rear brake & flasher functionality.  This newly added ckt will be either 6 or 12 vdc.   Items will be installed with no modification to existing body or trim.  Basically they will be easily removable without any harm to the originality of the vehicle. 

Double click on Diagram for Turn Signal Schematic.