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Saturday March 10, 2007

The weather Gods were good to me this weekend and the temperature here in Virginia was very mild.  I continued work on the drive train.   I installed the transmission that I cleaned up last weekend.

  • I installed the transmission with help from my wife.  Melissa aligned the throw out bearing while I positioned the transmission into the bell housing.
  • Over the years the wife has become accustomed to doing such things.  Actually it didn't need much explanation for her to understand exactly what needed to be done.

  • One thing I learned from this is that it is best to install the arm that holds the emergency brake assembly in place prior to installing the universal assembly and the disks.
  • I had to remove the center nut and back out the drum assembly to get the clearance I needed to install the bracket assembly bolts.  White arrow.


  • Tomorrow I am installing a water heater for my daughter so I will have to continue with this on another weekend.  I will probably spray some wrought iron black on the remaining red painted areas.  I like the color it looks rustic.