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Thursday May1, 2008. 

  • I continued working on my gas tank.  The gas tank has been a major problem since I purchased the car.  I cleaned it out when I first bought the car but after 300 miles the tank still fills with rusty sediment.

  • My wife and I cleaned the inside of the tank by pouring in about 5 lbs of 1/4" 632 screws that were being tossed out by my current employer.  In the past I have used rocks and chain to sand the inside of a gas tank. 

  • See the link from my 1948 restoration website:  Sunday September 18, 2005

  • I bought a mechanical gauge for a Model A ford from LeBaron Bonney for $35.00

  • It's not original to a 29 Plymouth but should service me well until I can find an original gas gauge setup.

  • No original Plymouth parts were modified to support this installation.

  • Well I did have to open up the circumference of the gauge cap by about 1/32" to support the installation.   No biggie.

  • The tank was cleaned and painted inside & out.

  • The Master Series paint is great for the interior of a gas tank and can actually seal pinhole leaks.

  • Rust is stopped in its tracks and there isn't a solvent known that will breakdown down this paint mixture.

  • I was able to modify the float assembly so that the gauge reads '0' at empty and just under 'F' for full.  Of course this part is not original for a 29 Plymouth but will be very function until I can acquire a correct gauge in good condition.

  • Interesting enough the stock gasket for my 1948 P15 gas gauge was an exact match to the Modal Q's mounting flange.  I made a gasket to fit under the Modal 'A' gauge and used the thick rubber gasket from the P15 to fill the space created by the rim of the Ford gauge.  I did have to trim the center hole of the P15 gasket to allow for the rim of the Ford gauge.

  • The patch work around the gauge flange isn't very pretty but strong and leak free.  Once installed this area isn't visible so I didn't go the extra mile to pretty it up.

Installed in the car 6/9/2008